The following point-of-care ultrasound courses are recommended for you based on what we know about your interests. You can follow the suggested curriculum, or explore other materials at your own pace. To view other available courses, click the courses button at the top of this page.

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Perioperative Ultrasound

This course combines concepts and applications that are encountered in perioperative ultrasound. Take your time and explore sections on airway management, evaluating for gastric content, cardiac views, advanced cardiac imaging, the eFAST exam, the RUSH exam, lung ultrasound and assessment, and ocular pathologies.

As you progress, earn certificates of completion in eFAST, Cardiac Imaging 1, Lung, Ocular, and RUSH with an 80% on higher on each post-test! These passed tests are required prior to taking the Perioperative Ultrasound post-test.