Advanced RV Assessment

Cardiac Imaging 2 - Advanced Right Ventricular (RV) Assessment (English Only)

Tiempo de curso: 1h

There are a number of different data points that can be collected that inform us of the function and loading conditions of the Right Ventricle (RV): Shape and size of the RV, Inferior Vena Cava (IVC), Tricuspid Angular Plane Systolic Excursion (TAPSE), and Right Ventricular Systolic Pressure (RVSP).

A global eyeball assessment of the shape and size of the RV is the most important initial competence, related to the RV, to develop as a point-of-care echocardiographer. For this more advanced tutorial, however, we will focus on TAPSE and RVSP; they are cited and applied frequently in clinical medicine, and they can be done with relative ease and applicability for making decisions at the bedside. 

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